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Our mission: Provide investors with high-performance, trusted, passive investments to expedite their path to financial freedom.

Chris Miller, Founder / Principal

Chris, an experienced investment partner, is known for helping, educating, supporting, and communicating to investors during all phases of their investment lifecycle.

As an investment partner, he specializes in sharing the awesome benefits of real estate syndication and what it can do for your investment portfolio and more importantly, your future.

Chris' passion for educating investors can be traced back to his many years in leadership, where he has spent significant time mentoring, coaching, and helping people reach their goals.

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Chase Craig, Founder / Principal

Chase Craig is a Real Estate Professional, Investor, and Business owner with a proven track record of repositioning real estate assets, delivering quality tenant experiences, and obtaining consistent returns to investment partners. 

Chase has sold over 3500 properties in his 17 years as a Realtor with over $1 Billion in real estate sold. He has experience acquiring properties, managing renovations, raising private capital, as well as managing single and multifamily investment properties.

In 2011, Chase started Own Boise, a real estate team serving the booming Boise area. He has built that company to consistently serve over 175 families with their real estate needs per year. During his time as a real estate professional, Chase was named by Realtor Magazine as the top 30 real estate agents under the age of 30 in 2011 out of over a million other Realtors and was given the highest honor by the Boise Regional Realtors in 2014 - Realtor of The Year. Chase started Advance Coaching in 2016 which is a coaching company that has helped thousands of real estate professionals.

Strategic Advisors

Strategic Advisor

Devin Elder

Devin Elder is a Real Estate entrepreneur and owner of DJE Texas Management Group, with a proven track record of delivering consistent double digit returns to hundreds of passive investment partners. Devin is a Principal in over 2,000 units of multifamily valued at over $150MM. Devin has a broad network of experienced and trusted advisors, attorneys, brokers, investors, and accountants that facilitate the continued success and growth of DJE.

Devin is the host of The DJE Podcast, a weekly show interviewing the top Commercial Real Estate investment experts in the country, and is himself a regular expert guest on the top multifamily investment podcasts in the world.

Strategic Advisor

Dylan Marma

Dylan Marma is principal at The Requity Group, a vertically integrated multifamily and manufactured housing investment firm. He has sponsored over $50M in multifamily transactions over the last 4 years through joint ventures and syndications and is proficient with all areas of the business.

He has been featured on dozens of podcasts, speaking events, and has spent hundreds of hours consulting real estate syndication professionals.

Strategic Advisor

Rod Khlief

Rod Khleif is a real estate investor, mentor, community philanthropist, and author of "How to Create Lifetime Cash Flow Through Multifamily Properties", considered to be an essential “textbook” for aspiring multifamily investors.

As one of the country’s top real estate trainers, Rod has personally owned and managed over 2,000 properties.

Rod is passionate about business, life, success, and giving back.

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