How to Beat Inflation - 3 Tips to Make Your Money Work for You

With all this talk about inflation, the real question is: How can you beat it? In this article, we will discuss the best practices for combating inflation and share three things that we like to utilize at Smart Wealth Equity to benefit our investors.

Ultimately, if you want to beat inflation, you have to avoid being a big part of inflation. How do you do that? Avoid having a majority of your net worth in cash. Inflation decreases the value of your dollar making assets more expensive to purchase. Therefore, owning assets and limiting the amount of liabilities you have is the key to beating inflation.

 At Smart Wealth Equity, the assets we provide to our investors utilize three things that help them stay ahead of inflation:

1. Cash flow - Produces monthly or quarterly income 
2. Overall return on investment - Cash flow + lump sum from exiting the deal
3. Tax benefits

Packaging these three things together creates a powerful tool to help fight inflation. By investing in such assets, your money is essentially working for you rather than sitting in the bank and possibly depreciating in value. 

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